Why choose Hyaluronica?


Derma-fill procedures are non-surgical aesthetic treatments used to ensure a more youthful appearance of skin by restoring its volume. They are mostly used on face and lips. Dermal fillers reduce or eliminate visible age agressions as fine lines, wrinkles and folds, having an instant visible effect right after the treatment. 

At the age of 25, the first age markers become visible - mimic lines are formed around the eyes and the nose, the skin begins to lose its natural hydro-lipid protection and starts to tighten.

After the age of 45 a thinning of the skin begins due to loss of underlying fat, the synthesis of collagen and elastin is slow and as a result the skin loses much of its strength and elasticity.

HYALURONICA® products are scientifically studied dermal fillers on a cross-linked hyaluronic acid base, designed to treat all signs of skin aging. As a natural compound in human body and essential part of skin stucture, hyaluronic acid holds water into skin dermis in order to keep its fresh and youthfull appearance. HYALURONICA® gels have unquestionable safety profile, known and approved worldwide by many practitioners in the Aesthetic medicine field. The average durability of HYALURONICA® fillers ranges from 6 to 12 months. The duration period may vary depending on several factors:

   - skin quality
   - lifestyle (smoking or exposure to sun or UVs may shorten the effect)
   - injection site


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