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VITAL ESTHETIQUE is an ISO 13485 certified French company, based in Paris, that is specialized in design,  production and distribution of high quality products with intensive age-defying benefits, meant for professional usage in dermatology, aesthetic medicine and reconstructive surgery. Main goal of the company is to help contemporary people to overcome the inevitable signs of skin aging and keep their radiant and good looking appearance, using high quality innovative formulations with excellent biocompatibility and safety profile.

HYALURONICA® is a range of injectable fillers based on reticulated hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which aim to maintain hydration in the skin tissues and also to keep skin smooth and soft, diminish visible wrinkles, restore skin’s volume and moderate overall face area or a specific feature. Skin is smoothed, firmed and young looking for a prolong period, as it keeps its luster and natural vitality.

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