• BDDE

    Butanediol Diglycidyl Ether - Most frequently used cross-linking agent for stabilization of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers including HYALURONICA®
  • Notified body

    a body, institution, private company having been notified by the health authority of its country to European Union member states and the European Commission, according to the terms of the following European directives

        90/385/EEC relating to active implantable medical devices modified by directive 2007/47/EC
        93/42/EEC relating to medical devices modified by directive 2007/47/EC
        98/79/EC relating to in vitro diagnostic medical devices
        2000/70/EC as regards medical devices incorporating stable derivates of human blood or human plasma
        2003/32/EC with respect to medical devices manufactured using tissues of animal origin

    This notification covers:

        all categories of medical devices
        all compliance evaluation procedures:
            Type approval
            Approval of quality management systems
            CE verification
  • Bi-phasic

    Bi-phase gels are composed of cross-linked hyaluronic acid beads in non cross-linked hyaluronic acid.
  • Mono-phasic

    Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is uniformly dissolved in a phosphate solution.
  • Concentration

    Denotes the amount of a solute in a solution.
  • Biodegradable

    Substances that naturally degrade within human body. Hyaluronica dermal fillers are biodegradable.
  • Biocompatible

    Has compatibility properties for existance with living organisms. HYALURONICA dermal fillers are biocompatible.
  • Cross-linking

    Unfortunately, in its natural form, non-crosslinked HA has a half-life - the time it takes for the molecule to get broken down and excreted from the body is less than 3 days and possibly even as little as one day in the skin. Pure hyaluronic acid, when injected into skin, has a very fast metabolism and for that reason scientists are using the process of cross-linking in order to keep it in skin for a prolong period.

    The cross-linking agent used for the hyaluronic acid stabilization is the most used and harmless in this field of aesthetic medicine – BDDE (1,4 - butanediol diglycidyl ether); it forms “bridges” between free hyaluronic acid chains, thus increases the lifetime of the HA when injected into the skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in our body. It promotes the maintenance of good levels of hydration for the skin by binding water and holding it inside deep layers. It is a powerful moisturising agent, which gradually decreases in quantity within the dermis with age. As a result, the skin becomes dry and fragile and the first wrinkles appear.

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