Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are dermal fillers safe?

    Aesthetic procedures with dermal fillers on a Hyaluronic acid base are considered most safe and
    non-invasive for the skin. When prescribed by a properly qualified and trained specialist and performed by an appropriate injection technique, certified dermal fillers are considered completely safe.
  • Is there an age limit for this type of treatment?

    Dermal fillers for cosmetic purposes should not be applied to anyone under the age of 18.
  • What is the duration of the effect of HYALURONICA® dermal fillers?

    Depending on different factors like skin quality, external factors and skin condition the duration of HYALURONICA® dermal fillers may vary between 6 and 12+ months.
  • Why choose HYALURONICA® dermal fillers?

    HYALURONICA® products are specially designed to:
    - diminish all visible signs of skin aging;
    - to ensure an entirely natural rejuvenated appearance;
    - to enhance one or more specific features of the face;
    - to provide a facile and reliable method that will give predictable and long-lasting results;
    - to give an instantly visible, younger and natural looking effect on your skin.
  • Is there a special pre-injection procedure to follow?

    Before your first treatment it is important that you discuss with your practitioner all your expectations and desired results to achieve. During the consultation the steps of the procedure will be explained and the aesthetic corrections that are to be done will be specified. Ask your practitioner all questions you have concerning the treatment. In addition you will be given all general recommendations. Your consultation and your treatment must be scheduled in different days.
  • Is there a special post-injection procedure to follow?

    The duration of dermal fillers may vary and in order to prolong the effect your doctor will advise you tofollow few simple steps in your daily routine like avoiding extreme temperatures, intensive exercises and perform pressure over treated area right after being treated.
  • Are HYALURONICA® procedures painful?

    The procedures with HYALURONICA® dermal fillers are performed by an injection technique which
    comes with an amount of pain no different than all other procedures with a hyaluronic acid based
    dermal fillers. For optimal comfort of the patient a local anesthesia can be applied on the treated area.
  • When do I return to my daily routine?

    If there are no special circomstances you can return to your daily routine immediately after being

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